Useful Links

Bunya Living

This is the link to the website for the Bunya estate put together by the developer. It has all the general information about the estate, including how to buy there.

Buying a Property – NSW Fair Trading

This website is a great source of reliable information for first time buyers or builders. You can use the quick links to perform a conveyancers licence check.

Home Building and Renovating – NSW Fair Trading

More reliable information for home builders. You should read up on all the different kinds of insurance that needs to be taken out and perform a licence check on your builder.

NSW Rural Fire Service – Building Construction and Design

Here is where you find all the information about Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). In particular, I found the BAL Risk Assessment Application Kit pretty useful.

Independent fire assessments – Bushfire Hazard Solutions

We used these people to get an independent assessment for our BAL rating. They were very friendly and we thought their fees were very reasonable.

Envisage by Studio M

This is an online tool to help you get an idea what your colour selections might look like for different rooms in your house. Amazing! You can choose external, kitchen, bathroom and general living spaces. They have colour selections from leading building material suppliers including Dulux, Colorbond, Boral and Bristile. Gets a bit tedious trying to find the colours but well worth the effort if you’re someone who needs to actually see it before you commit!

Designer 3D by The Laminex Group

With this online tool you can model your whole kitchen from scratch and test out Laminex and essastone colours. Very handy. 

Home Building Blogs

This forum thread has a list of blogs for you to view, sorted by builder. Some of them are fantastic. Really nice to get a sense of whether people have been happy with their chosen builder and things to watch out for.

Anyone building at bunya???

This forum thread has been a great help to us. You can have a chat with other people building at Bunya, maybe even in your street! They’re a friendly lot and happy to answer questions.

Basic building terms

Don’t know what a fascia is? Concerned that flashing involves more than the standard amount of builder’s crack? This glossary of basic terms might save you when your tradies start speaking another language.


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