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I’m sure you recall our tree-in-the-middle-of-the-driveway problem?

We’ve been asking around to see who will relocate it for us. We tried Wisdom Landscapes, seeing as they will be on site with an escalator for the driveway anyway, but they won’t touch it in case it dies. And they say it will die.

We managed to get a quote from The Tree Men for $350, which is better than we thought.

Apart from that I thought it might be time to post another picture of the plants we’ve been growing up to size at home.



The NSW Christmas Bush, Lilly Pilly and Warratah have all grown fast. Before the Christmas Bush were about 1.1-1.2 m tall, now they’re somewhere around 1.7 m (it’s hard to measure a tree!). The Lilly Pilly was 1.5 m and is now about 1.7 m and has filled out quite a bit. The Warratahs are now around 50 cm tall and we keep having to cut back the purple fountain grass, it’s practically ready to climb out of it’s pot.

In case you’re wondering, that yellowy-spiky thing in the bottom right corner is a pineapple plant. It’s not real impressed that it’s winter.

At the new house we’ve been given a tentative PCI date of September 18. Fingers crossed!


That damn tree

Do you remember the tree in the middle of where our driveway will go? I wrote about it a fair while ago, in this post.

offending tree

James giving the tree a death stare. By the way, how different does it look now!

Since we discovered it was going to be a pain in the you-know-what we have simply ignored it. I guess we were hoping it would just go away.

It’s now pretty clear that it’s not going away. In fact, if anything, it’s getting bigger.


The tree. Definitely in the way of the driveway, albeit a little windswept.

So we’ve decided it’s time to actually do something.

Since you need permission to prune or remove a tree from your property or the council land I jumped online to see what Blacktown City Council had to say on the matter. Predictably, they have a form for this kind of thing! You can check it out here.

James gave them a call and sent an email with a photo of the tree. A council inspector came out to view the tree (we didn’t have to be there) and make a determination. A few days later they emailed us with a letter saying we had permission to relocate the tree at a minimum distance of 1.6 m from the driveway. It goes on to say that we have to pay for it (of course!) and that it should be done by a qualified Arborist who holds a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance.

So, there you go, the first step taken. Now the hunt is on to find someone to do the digging.



A good place for a tree

We have a tree!

In fact, there are two trees.

Well, they aren’t really our trees. The developer has put them in the strip of land between our boundary and the road to make the street look pretty.

Do you know where they put the tree?

In the middle of where the driveway is supposed to go, of course!

Here is a picture of the offending tree, and James looking offended by it.offending treeWho knows what we’ll have to do about that little issue.

We also have a street light and a sign post installed out the front.

sign post