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Revised plans

Last night, around 7:30 pm we received our revised plans. The revisions are to include the list of requests from the DRP.
What would you expect if the builder had your plans for two weeks to make the revisions? You’d expect them to be perfect.
Not so. Two windows were the wrong size and they left out one window all together (but charged us for it in the tender). I realise people make mistakes, but seriously? It takes five minutes to cross check the plans with the tender. I’d get in trouble for that kind of sloppiness at work.
None of this is filling me with confidence.
We had asked to see the plans before they were sent to the DRP so we could check for these kinds of errors and Wisdom agreed. However, they just sent the plans straight through to the DRP. Apparently that is their “policy”.
Anyway, its now all sitting with the DRP. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come back with a new to do list.
James also called the Bunya sales people to see when our block might be registered because our 60 days from exchanging contracts will be up on the 2nd of September. The sales person said that the land was not ready for registration yet and we were more than likely looking at a settlement date in September or October. This buys us a bit more time. On the downside, I don’t think we will be commencing construction before the year is out.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I have to say, I’m not very good with all this waiting around. Just when we finished waiting four weeks while the plans were drawn, we started waiting for the design review panel to pre-approve them. It’s been two weeks since we sent them the plans. Looks like more waiting ahead.


We’ve spent the time pouring over the plans and asking for quotes for some changes we’d like to make. But, even waiting for the quote to come back seems to take forever!

Here’s a list of things we’ve asked them to quote for:

  • insulation in the wall between kitchen and garage to help keep heat out of house in summer
  • change bedroom robe doors to plain sliding doors in lieu of hinged (we also asked for a rough guess of the price of mirrored sliding doors but they are way too expensive)
  • change to cladding over the garage in lieu of the cement sheeting to match the cladding that will wrap around the house facade
  • add ceiling ventilation (whirlybird) over the garage
  • change the window in the leisure room to a glass sliding door
  • provide a cavity sliding door to theatre room entrance
  • provide a door in wall of laundry to access under stair storage.

James has also been house stalking. We asked the builder for a quote to change the ugly cement sheeting over the garage to brickwork and he told us we weren’t allowed to do that at Bunya. We thought that was a steaming heap of crap. So, James went and took photographic evidence that other people had done it and we could too if we wanted to. Since then, we’ve changed our mind to cladding instead, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, I’m sure you can imagine James driving through the streets really slowly with his camera pointed out the window, trying to take pictures of other people’s houses while no one notices. He was just about to take a picture of one house when a little girl appeared in one of the windows. I’m sure that looked more than a bit dodgy. I’ll have to organise a disguise for him if this trend continues. Maybe something like this:

tash can disguse

Preliminary plans

Late on Thursday last week we received our preliminary plans by email. There wasn’t too many surprises in there. The builder has left off some cladding which means there isn’t a change of materials on one side. I don’t think the Design Review Panel (DRP) will be happy about that.

Wisdom will give us one free revision to the plans and then after that it will cost at least $250 every time the plans are changed. Since we know the DRP are going to request changes (it would be a miracle if they didn’t) we’ve asked for the preliminary plans to go straight to the DRP. In the meantime, we’re going to request some quotes for changes to the plans. When we get word back from the DRP we can combine their changes with ours and make one revision to the plan. Hopefully this will work smoothly and we will save ourselves $250 and some time.

Speaking of time, some people have been complaining that Wisdom’s admin process is too slow compared to other builders. It definitely does seem to take a lot longer compared to other builders but they have (so far) always been within the time frame they advertise. I can’t complain because we were told upfront how long it takes. But, if you’re looking for a fast admin process it’s probably best you look elsewhere.

Here are some snapshots of the preliminary plans:

How it should look from the outside

How it should look from the outside

Layout of the ground floor

Layout of the ground floor

Layout of the first floor

Layout of the first floor