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At the weekend we happened to run into one set of our to-be neighbours. They’re building to the left of us, on our primary frontage. They seem like a nice family- Dad, Mum and three small children. They’re building a San Remo with Champion Homes- a very popular single storey design. When we saw them their form work and piers had been completed and we lent them a bright pink tape measure so they could measure their back yard space.

There is a funny trend going on at the moment with lot sizes. They’re getting smaller and smaller and the houses are getting bigger and bigger. As a consequence, the back yard is a bit of a thing of the past.

We will have what we call a small amount of space right around our whole house. Enough to warrant owning a lawn mower. Most of the houses at Bunya have what we call a tiny amount of space. Could probably mow it with one of those powerless hand mowers happily enough.

There are pros and cons to both sizes. Smaller yards are low maintenance, less expensive to landscape, and kids don’t use back yards any more anyway (it’s all about the video game). Larger yards provide aesthetic qualities (assuming you like the look of plants), encourage you to be more active (think mowing lawns, digging weeds and shovelling mulch), and give you a bit of a buffer zone between you and the teenager having drumming lessons next door.

The buffer zone is particularly important to us. This is why:

wpid-20140621_140506.jpgThat’s a picture of our next door neighbour’s block (the ones we just met), photographed from inside our fence. If you think that’s a bit cosy, how about this:wpid-20140621_140356.jpg

That’s our other neighbour’s mansion on the secondary frontage. All that dirt will be our back yard. The fence is right on our boundary. Their slab may as well be! We are absolutely amazed by that house because it’s the same on the other side. It’s the most enormous slab I’ve seen! I keep telling you our house is small and now you know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes we lament about the smaller size. Grass is always greener (or completely concreted over) on the other side of the fence. But, in the end we always come back to our senses and remember that we’re glad we’re not right on top of the next door neighbour, we actually like green things (the ones we don’t kill anyway) and we’ve made a smart choice to not be in debt way over our heads. Besides, what on earth to people do with 3 showers? Clean them, I bet.


While we were there at the block we climbed up on top of the scaffolding to see the tiles. Neither one of us know a good tile job from a bad one but they do look very pretty.


I had a small panic earlier in the week that they were too light, but now I’ve seen them properly I’m happy again. I think they’ll look even better when the rest of the brick work is complete. The guttering looks more green than I thought it would be (same colour as the windows) but we don’t mind that.

Every time I freak out about colour choices I have to remember that everything is relative. I mean, this is a roof that is too light for my liking. wpid-20140621_141055.jpg

Oh well. Each to their own.

This week the scaffolding will be moved down a level so the garage roof can be tiled and the brick work can continue. But, the weather is absolutely nasty here today- cold, windy and spitting with rain. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scaffolders are all down at the pub instead 😉



A walk in the park

On Friday afternoon we signed the preliminary final variation so now we start the 10-15 day wait to see the final paperwork.

Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk out at Bungarribee to see what we could see. James was happy to see a sold sticker slapped on our lot sign, finally!


There is a fair bit happening around our block too, with the shells  of our neighbours houses popping up all over the place. 

sold 2We also discovered there will be a little park just up the road from us. It looks like there will be some play equipment for kids and gym equipment for the adults. I’ve sketched in where our house will be.

park and houseNow we just need an actual house to be built.

Bunya gathering

Yesterday we met up with some people from the forum. It was a huge turn out with lots of people stopping in to introduce themselves. There was a great mix of lovely people from all different walks of life. It was great to see so many young people.

We had some food, chatted about dodgy builders and bonded over what is considered the Bunya rite of passage- getting your house approved by the DRP!

I meant to get a group photo but forgot about it until half way through when lots of people had left. It will have to be next time.

We’re glad to see the developer has installed some great facilities such as BBQs, covered picnic areas and play equipment. They’ve also installed some art here and there. Although, I’m not entirely convinced the art is anything to be excited about. This guy looks downright evil.


Evil kangaroo

Some blocks of land from the last release (which was in May) went back into the sales pool yesterday. I was surprised to see some of the price increases. Some increases were only $5,000, but if you want a block around 600 m2 facing one of the reserves you’re now looking at about $395,000, up from $350,000 in May. A block of similar size to ours is now costing somewhere between $340,000 and $380,000 depending on its position and shape. So we’re glad we got in when we did because we thought $315,000 was a stretch of the budget!