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Making online shopping even better

It’s not often I see a product that meets my “wow” criteria. To be a wow product, it would have to be:

  • something I’ve never seen before
  • something that would change my day to day life
  • not in the order of thousands of dollars

However, I did have a wow moment in Bunnings the other day when I spotted this:

Say good bye to making special trips to the post office!

Say good bye to making special trips to the post office!

What is it, you ask? It’s a letterbox for receiving PARCELS!



Ok, so it’s not the most attractive letterbox around (but believe me, not the worst one on the shelf, either), but I would never have to make a special trip to the post office just to get my online shopping again! 

And before you go thinking $329 is a bit steep for a letterbox, think again. Letterboxes are seriously more expensive than I thought.


HIA home show

Today we went to the HIA Home Show. We always um and ah about going to these kinds of things. Neither of us are that fond of crowds and sometimes just the effort of getting there (think Sydney traffic) is exhausting enough for one day. But, sometimes it’s worth the effort.

If you’re just starting out thinking about building, I would recommend visiting one of these events to get a feel for all the different options out there to you. There are some wonderful, innovative products out there- everything from fancy light switches to retractable sliding doors. If you’ve started the build already you’ll probably find yourself drawn to all the furnishings and landscaping options.

Here’s a few things that caught our eye.

Ethanol feature heaterswpid-20140621_102303.jpgIf you’re installing ducted air con you probably won’t be needing a heater. If you’re feeling like you’re going to miss the ambiance then these ethanol heaters are fantastic. They’re completely stand alone so they can be moved around the house. This one is a little table top version. It was warm to put our hands around but not overly hot. It retailed for around $150 but on sale at the show for $85.



If you forgot to install a bidet, no worries! These contraptions fit on your existing toilet (somehow). We have to admit, this one caught our eye purely because of the demonstrative pictures there under the Coway sign. Sold!

Integrated water tanks


I have wondered why water tanks have to be so ugly. They take up huge amounts of space and we all know that space is at a premium around these parts. So, why install one that you can cook on? Or one that doubles as a raised garden bed. It’s an idea we could get used to.


wpid-20140621_103728.jpgAll we can say is that brand name is spot on.

Powder coated aluminium everything


You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s just your average deck. I kid you not, it looks so real that even your fake grass will be confused. This stuff will probably out last the house itself.

USB outlets


Why are these not standard these days? Just about everything from your toothbrush to your mobile phone has a USB attachment and to be able to plug it into the wall would be amazing. By the time these things are standard in new homes the next IT breakthrough will have already happened and it will be too late.

Pop up powerPop up power

While we’re on a power trip, how cool are these! We think these have great potential in all kinds of places- bathrooms, kitchens, even in hallways where ordinary power outlets for vacuuming can look ugly.

While we were there we collected about 8 million brochures from companies that make/install blinds. What was interesting about seeing them all in the same place was realising just how similar most of their products are, right down to using the same fabrics.

If you’ve been absolutely blown out by all this and want to check it out for yourself it’s not too late. There is one more day to go tomorrow (Sunday). You can find everything you need to know here.