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High up towards the top of the to-do list when we moved in was getting a fence. Finally it’s happening!

It took a bit of effort to get the neighbours on either side to meet up with us and talk it over. One neighbour was a little upset with our plan to put the fence right up to the boundary (effectively fencing one side of his front yard) and asked to see our stamped developer approval. We were happy to show him and in the end it all worked out. Truthfully, I stayed out of it and let the three men mark their territory!

We got two quotes and there was only a few hundred dollars between them. We ended up going with the one that had already done one of the neighbours back fence, which also happened to be the cheaper one. They call themselves Local Fencing.

Here’s a little sketch of where the fence will go.

Location of the fence

Location of the fence

If you didn’t know, there is a requirement to have a timber fence. Our developer approval said we had to use “Ezi Clip” or similar lap and cap timber fencing in some parts that faced the streets. We kept it simple and just had the whole thing done the same.

There’s 61m of fencing all up and it’s costing just over $7000. The neighbours will chip in a little overĀ $1000 each for their parts.

There’s still a way to go yet but here’s what we have so far.