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CDC approval

Just when I was beginning to wonder what on earth was happening with our build we got an email today saying that we had received CDC approval (council approval).


I wasn’t even aware they had sent it to the CDC for approval in the first place so it is a very nice surprise and a lovely way to go into the Christmas holidays.

When I got home there was a fat envelope in the mail with our Complying Development Certificate in it and copies of our plans with big red approval stamps on them.

The email we got says there is about 25 working days of paperwork left (after the office reopens after Christmas) and then the file will move on to construction. It looks like we may well make our construction date in February.

We also found out our address today. You can check out addresses using Blacktown Council’s online maps.


Variation – sewer peg out

During or colour consultation our Customer Service Officer (CSO) came in and introduced herself. She explained that while we had been scheduled in for all our appointments she had also been advancing our file. She had gotten hold of the section 149 certificate (this certificate says how the land can be used- zoning etc) and had organised an application pack to be sent through for a Complying Development Certificate (we will be using the CDC to get development approval instead of the council). She had also ordered the engineer’s drawings as well as¬†contacted Sydney Water to find out about the sewer running across the front of the property.

We received an email last week saying that there were no details on Sydney Water’s online system about our block- it hadn’t been added in yet. This is not surprising given that the block has only been registered for three weeks and it takes time to get the details online.

The bad news is we basically have two choices. First, we can wait until the details are online (who knows how long that will take). Second, we can order a peg out. A peg out is a common name for a Service Protection Report. The report will detail the exact location and depth of the asset and from there we can work out if the build will affect the asset. Basically, its an expensive way of quickly finding out information that should be available. Its costing us $910 for the peg out. It will cost an extra $300 if the boundary pegs need to be surveyed for the peg out to occur. It will cost another $365 for the engineer’s drawings to be amended to show the zone of influence over the asset. I do not know why they don’t do the peg out first and then order the engineers drawings so they don’t have to be amended.

We’ve also signed a variation to accept the quote for the colour consultation. This was to change the walk in robe doors, the upgrade to endure paint and to change the internal doors. We should receive the rest of the colour quotes at out kitchen appointment.

In other news, settlement on the land is scheduled for today. Our solicitor is attending the appointment in the city on our behalf so my inner control freak simply cannot wait to hear that it all went smoothly.

We’ve also got an air conditioning appointment today. Here’s hoping we only have one last summer like this:

air con and a movie