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One month on and a word on the “builder’s clean”

Believe it or not it’s been one whole month since we moved in. What have we been up to? Well, spring cleaning, of course!

When you sign up, often your builder (or their website) will promise that they will leave the site better than they found it and that your house will be professionally cleaned with a “builder’s clean”.

We figured that sounded too good to be true, and we’re right. It’s not the kind of clean you would think. In fact, in some spots I wish they hadn’t bothered. Swiping the skirting boards with a dirty mop isn’t helpful.

Exhibit A- mopping the floor doesn't count if your mop is more dirty than the floor.

Exhibit A- mopping the floor doesn’t count if your mop is more dirty than the floor.

I’ve also found myself wiping a mysterious white powder off the kitchen cabinetry, removing paint from door handles (how did they get it on every single one?) and scraping large patches of silicone off the bathroom tiles and sinks.

Aside from that, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with landscaping. We’re mid way through constructing our wonky letterbox (more on that later) and we’ve had the land roughly leveled. I’m practically dying to get our plants in the ground- they’re just about climbing out of their pots.

We’re up for our first round of chores as well. All the filters in the house need cleaning (air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine) and the driveway is due for a re-seal.

We’ve also endured our first 35 degree day for the season and the air conditioner copes wonderfully. LOVE IT.