Vertical gardening verdict

Just over two months ago I wrote about how we were going to try vertical gardening to bring to life an ugly fence.

Well, here is the finished product, in all it’s grassy glory:


Looking lush.

Not bad, if you can recall we imagined it to look something like this:

Green wall

Imagining what a vertical garden might look like.

Nearly all of the plants we purchased were tubestock and they’ve grown rapidly.


A colourful mix.

The plants in the picture above are:


Growing grasses.

The plants in the photo above are:

I’m pretty impressed with the results. It’s turned out (so far) better than I expected. The plants make a huge difference to the feel of the outdoor area, particularly in the afternoon as the sun goes down and catches on the shiny grasses. Plus, it has the added benefit of being the only garden bed we haven’t had to wrap in chicken wire to keep the dogs out!


Looking lush.


Looking lush.


4 thoughts on “Vertical gardening verdict

  1. cherriemorley3

    Omg these are amazing, they have grown so much just since xmas. I just love them and I have a case of vertical garden jealousy going on. Hehehe.
    Oh and since when do your pooches sit so nicely for the camera. They look very innocent….

    1. Bumblebees Post author

      Lol. They sit nicely when they are in BIG TROUBLE for pulling clothes off the line and chewing them to a point of no return. Look closely and its written all over Lucy’s face.

  2. Raquel

    Hi Bumblebees! long time not commenting on your post, but always reading.
    I re-read your post about vertical garden on Saturday, as we are planning to do the same but in the side, so from the Kirchen windows we will be seeing something nice. So, we went the next day with the idea to buy something, but a little bit worried, because we wanted to put like 12.
    We went to flower power and they were selling at 39!! as I remember the price you mentioned, we bought 4 of them, to start with.

    Still havent set them up. I hope we can do that this weekend.
    Did you follow the instructions, or maybe improvise and changed a little?? Also Did you have any problem as this have to be attached to the fence (maybe on your neighbour’s side he will be seeing)


    1. Bumblebees Post author

      Hi Raquel, nice to hear from you again. So excited for your adventure into vertical gardens, sounds lovely to have a nice view from the kitchen. You could even plant herbs (but keep in mind herbs will usually only last one season before needing to be replaced).
      Yes, we did follow the instructions with only one alteration. Because our fence is timber and not completely flat (some timber pailings are in front and the next behind) we would have had trouble making the screws line up in the right spot. So to stop this we actually screwed some spare timber horizontally on the fence first to give us a nice flat surface to work from. If your fence is already flat you won’t need to do that.
      You’ll find that the timber pailings overlap and if the screws go into the overlapped part, and you use the right size screw (not too long or too short) you should not see anything at all on the neighbors side.


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