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A good place for a tree

We have a tree!

In fact, there are two trees.

Well, they aren’t really our trees. The developer has put them in the strip of land between our boundary and the road to make the street look pretty.

Do you know where they put the tree?

In the middle of where the driveway is supposed to go, of course!

Here is a picture of the offending tree, and James looking offended by it.offending treeWho knows what we’ll have to do about that little issue.

We also have a street light and a sign post installed out the front.

sign post


The appointments begin

Yesterday I was finally contacted by our customer service officer and we are booked in for the first two of our selection appointments. They were completely booked out for the next two weeks so we’re scheduled in for our landscaping appointment and our colour selection appointment on October 29. That’s going to be a big day.

For the landscaping appointment, we will sit down with the landscape consultant and talk through what we would like and then they will go away and draw up a plan. It will include things like:

  • any retaining walls or excavation
  • type of plants and where to position them
  • driveway and paths
  • outdoor living areas
  • location of the letterbox and clothesline
  • fencing

We must have a landscaping plan drawn up to submit to the DRP for approval, so no getting out of it. The DRP will also get to have their say on everything from the type of fencing used to the type of plants we select. I’m rolling my eyes as I type this. I bet the DRP know heaps about plants:


For our colour selection appointment we will make all the external colour selections as well as the majority of the internal colour selections.


  • roof and guttering
  • windows
  • cladding and moroka
  • bricks
  • garage door
  • driveway


  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • paint
  • doors and handles

Apparently the only thing we have to take with us is a sample of the brick we want to use and any other inspiration we may have. I guess that’s a good thing because the brick is the only thing we have managed to settle on!

Settlement scheduled

Its true, the land has been registered! The solicitor received a letter requesting us to attend settlement on November 4. We have to take a day off work and go into the city to sign or pay them a $55 fee if we want to hold it elsewhere.

I did some nagging yesterday and the person who took us this far with the build was surprised to learn that we haven’t been contacted by a customer service officer yet or been to any of our selection appointments. He said he would get it fixed and they would call us straight away.

Trouble now is that the next two weeks at work are hectic and I won’t have time to eat my lunch let alone have a day off to attend a colour appointment. So I guess realistically nothing will be done before November starts. Then, it would be a MIRACLE if it was through the design review panel and council approval before Christmas. A February start looks less and less likely.

Rumour has it

It has been nearly two weeks since my last post which goes to show exactly what has been happening. Nothing.

We haven’t found out who our customer service officer person is yet. We were sent a generic email saying that our contract has been received. Tomorrow I’m going to do what women supposedly do best- start to nag. We need to get this show happening! So much for “time is of the essence” (we were reminded repeatedly of this when we had to delay signing the contract by 2 days because we were on holidays).

The generic email also has a link in it requesting us to do a survey to give them some feedback. I am always happy to receive these kinds of invitations. I would love to give them some feedback. More than happy.

Of course, I realise that they more than likely file these surveys in the round filling cabinet on the floor.



In other news, rumour has it that all the blocks in stage 5 have been registered, which is a little bit exciting. We haven’t had official confirmation yet but if it’s true then we will have 21 days to settle on the land. Looks like we’ll officially have a mortgage by the beginning of November.

Building contract signed

Hooray! On Monday we signed the building contract. This is fantastic news because:

1. we will be able to settle on the land, when it becomes registered, without paying large sums of daily interest.

2. we can stop worrying about having things included in the tender (too late for that now!)

3. we can move on and look forward to our commencement date.

We will be assigned a new Wisdom person to be our Customer Service Officer (CSO) and that person will take us through all out colour appointments, final DRP approval, council approval and then finally we can have a house built. We have been issued a commencement date of the 28 February 2014 but we’re hoping it will get started a little sooner.

For now though, we’re back to waiting.